Success Stories

“You’ve had an amazing impact on my life. I am blessed.”
~ R. Ruel

“Dr. Matt is extremely gifted, knowledgeable, and intuitive. He knows how to gently ‘get to the source.’ and work with his patients so true healing can take place. I admit, being a Yoga instructor, I thought I knew a lot about posture and breathing. As I worked with Matt I became accutely aware of how I can improve both! After a session with Matt, I feel more aligned, open, and stress-free.” He’s awesome!”
~ G.Zikri

“Dr. Matt’s holistic Chiropractic is one of the most powerful healing techniques I have ever known.”
~ R. Dawson

” I started seeing Dr. Matthew Stralka two and a half years ago because I needed to address the neck and lower back pain that I was experiencing as well as sciatica. I was lookign for an alternative type of chiropractic care that is less invasive and forceful as other forms, which only caused me more pain. Not only did Dr. Stralka, through NSA, correct my pelvic tilt and lumbar tortion, he also helped me to better manage other aspects of my life, including stress, dealing with conflict situations, responding more calmly to difficult matters, and in addressing conflict with more peace and ease. I often refer many patients to Dr. Stralka, including children, given that it offers a very gentle yet effective approach to corrective care and helping people to better cope in life.”
~ Dr. Kathia Roberts PhD ND D.Phyt NIMH

“Please know I will always be grateful for you helping to change my life and open up my mind”
~ T.Gail

“I recently started seeing Dr. Stralka due to severe neck and lower back pain as a result of an old riding accident. Although I had consulted several chiropractors given my condition, they all gave me a doomsday diagnosis, stating that nothing could really be done to fully alleviate my symptoms. This left me depressed and hopeless, especially because I am all around athlete who runs marathons annually. Running basically has been my entire life, and having to consider giving that up was a true nightmare. Despite my skepticism, I met with Dr. Stralka, who introduced me to NSA. It was totally unlike the standard chiropractic technique that I was used to where you spend 15 minutes being cracked all over the place and then you go back to your everyday life. It was gentle, meditative and gave me an overall sense of calm and wellbeing. I was also in less pain and able to stand up straight for once. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for being introduced to NSA, as it has allowed me to experience healing and overall wellbeing on both an emotional and physical level.”
~ J D

“Your Chiropractic services have helped me out a lot. The pain and soreness in my upper leg is healing nicely. You really enjoy what you do and it really shows through in the educational and stress free style you serve in….”
~ L. Kennedy