SRI Somato Respiratory Integration

Somatory Respiratory Integration (SRI) was developed by Dr. Donald Epstein and is illustrated in the book The 12 Stages of Healing. SRI was designed to help people “Check in” with the underlying rhythms that life situations bring them. This allows the Rhythms to be identified so that they can be used as fuel to create a more fulfilling life experience. Whether it is physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually charged fuel coming into one’s life as a symptom, it can be redirected into energy to create transformation in a person’s life.

SRI is used as an adjunct healing modality by Dr. Stralka in order to enhance the client’s sense of inner resourcefulness or ability deal with life experiences as they happen. SRI exercised can be taught to the client as a stand alone modality or used in conjunction with standard entrainment (Chiropractic adjustment).

As an individual becomes more attuned to the SRI rhythms, they can use these exercises any time or anywhere to create healing and a transformational experience.