Network Spinal Analysis

The Nervous System as depicted by artist Alex Grey

The Nervous System by artist Alex Grey

Network Spinal Analysis, or NSA, is a form of Chiropractic care that incorporates a series of specific, gentle touches applied along the spine. This highly advanced form of neurogical work accomplishes a deeper level of healing for both physical an emotional traumas that have been stored in the tone of the nervous system. As you connect with and release your stored tension, your body/mind creates the ability to experience a profound and transformational shift in your health, wellness and quality of life. In addition, NSA helps your body and mind to develop new strategies to adapt more effectively to future life stresses. For over 95% of the people who experience NSA care for over 6 months, expectations of healing and quality of life shifts are met or totally exceeded. NSA is about true healing on all levels, not just about making symptoms “go away”. Making the symptoms “go away” and allowing the person to go back to life the way it was before the “problem” symptom occurred would not be healing. Symptoms serve as a call to stop and pay attention to what is going on in our life and create change. NSA increases a person’s sense of resourcefulness on many different levels so that they may create the needed change from the inside out and be a more authentic expression of who they were created to be.

How is NSA performed?

Network Care Chiropractic adjustments, called Spinal Entrainments, are done fully clothed, and do not consist of what people usually associate with Chiropractic care such as “cracking”. “popping”, or forcing the spine, neck or back in any way. The initial care (known as Level 1) is done while laying face down on a chiropractic table and, in the more advanced Levels 2 and 3, lying sideways, on one’s back or even sitting. NSA is applied to the body by the chiropractor through a series of gentle contacts known as “Spinal Entrainments” along “Spinal Gateways”, which are areas of the spine ranging from the bottom of the skull to the tailbone. The Spinal Entrainments, through the Spinal Gateway, awaken the higher brain’s coordinative ability which create profound global changes in our bodies.

During NSA care two “healing waves” develop. One is a breathing wave which releases tension and the other is a somatopsychic wave or body-mind wave. These waves are related to a significant increase in the patients wellness and quality of life.

As these “healing waves” progress they revitalize, energize and help the body to self-correct distortions of alignment in the spine and posture. Come in and learn how NSA can help you!!!